Memories – we’re always trying to remember them, but now is the time to get them captured in a medium that’ll survive the test of time. It’s your chance to star in a piece of timeless art, and your ability to seize a moment for time immemorial.

Templin Photography offers a wide variety of portraiture. Themed portraits let you explore a fantasy scene. Sports portraits let you capture your family athlete as if they’re on the cover of a major magazine. Specialty portraits capture the pageant queen or the budding artist.

Pete’s years of study bring a plethora of styles to the studio for your next shoot. Experience what it means to set up a session where the director pulls out all the stops to make it happen – if it can be done, it will be done!

Best of all, by selecting a studio experience, you’re no longer at the whim of good weather and short days, often the detriment of many a Seattle photographer. Pete can create night during the day, and day during the night.

Here’s the process:

  • 1 Have a consultation with Pete
  • 2 Experience the session
  • 3 Come back for the reveal and selection

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